My name is Ariq Muhammad Thabrani

You can call me Ariq.

I am a college student at Itenas, currently studying Informatics Engineering.
I have some knowledge about website, networking, database, hacking, trading, etc.
so you can call me a techie.
Why I chose Informatics Engineering? Because of my hobby.

Does not mean I'm only interested in things related to technology
I like something related to science, music, nature, art, and others,
Sometimes I want to know how it works or what happens inside...
And I like to play games.



Not because I'm "Engineering" and I must now about this

I like to programming things and I'm getting used to this, also because this is one of my hobbies so I enjoyed it.
And when you understand the basics, you will understand how it works...


I like playing games

Especially multiplayer games and we can have fun together

When I was high school I like to play Counter-Strike with my friends, we have fun together and I create a local server to play against other class.
And because of that, i have the experience to build a gaming server.
And now I play Dota 2, I started playing at first semester at my college because of my friends... I'm infected O_O


More Information Below

If you still interested about me, i will say thank you!

Search Engine Optimization

Not only Programming, but also tips and tricks about website.
Contact me if you need a consultation.

"Always Connected Computer"

I open up some gaming servers and web server too, you can ask me if you need one of them.


You can call me an IT Guy, but I also really interested in Science.

Never Stop Learning

I learn from anywhere and anytime, and experience is the best thing.

Need some help?

Ask me anything,
i hope i can help your problem :)


Sitting in front of a computer is not my hobby, I don't like it, my body doesn't like it too.

Do you dare to fill it?

This thing is just accessories, trust me!